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Last up­dat­ed 2023-10-31.
  1. CURSE/KISS/CUTE: Cur­rent­ly work­ing on Episode 1!
  2. re:VN: This is the pseu­do-vis­ual nov­el en­gine I’m de­vel­op­ing. (It’s called re:VN now.) It al­lows me to com­bine prose, il­lus­tra­tions, and mu­sic in a for­mat that’s about as ac­ces­si­ble as a we­b­com­ic, playable im­me­di­ate­ly in the brows­er with no down­loads or load­ing screens. It’s most­ly done; it’ll get more done as I fin­ish the re­main­ing bits and pieces along­side CURSE/KISS/CUTE episode 1, which I’m us­ing as a test­bed.
  3. Good­bye to Ha­los: On in­def­i­nite hia­tus pend­ing a “pseu­do-re­boot.”

Projects list­ed in de­scend­ing or­der of pri­or­i­ty. If I’ve failed to list a project here, there is a good chance I am not cur­rent­ly work­ing on it.

up­date his­to­ry


I’ve dedicated a whole page to today’s progress report!


As of right now, I’m of­fi­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing CURSE/KISS/CUTE pri­or­i­ty num­ber one. The pseu­do-VN en­gine (now called re:VN) isn’t 100% fin­ished, but it’s near enough done that it’ll be more in­tu­itive for me to ac­tu­al­ly de­vel­op some­thing for it be­fore I round it out. That some­thing is CKC!


I got so pissed off about web ty­pog­ra­phy this morn­ing that I added a site-wide ty­pog­ra­phy set­tings menu to the nav­i­ga­tion bar. (I was go­ing to do this any­way for Slide­VN, but why do some­thing for good rea­sons when you can do it for pet­ty rea­sons?)


Im­age gal­leries are im­ple­ment­ed! Ahh… that’s more like it. It’s a lit­tle rough around the edges, but it’ll do. I al­so up­load­ed a gallery of my old “sprouts” dai­ly il­lus­tra­tions. I should do those again…

In the mean time, I’ve been flesh­ing out the fi­nal de­sign for Slide­VN. As is my style, the plan has veered sud­den­ly off in a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion; it’s fine, be­cause the new di­rec­tion is ac­tu­al­ly a lot sim­pler than what I was orig­i­nal­ly aim­ing for. Ex­pect to see some of that soon!


I just spent sev­er­al hours writ­ing a script to in­sert uni­code soft hy­phens in­to my text to op­ti­mize the jus­ti­fi­ca­tion rather than re­ly­ing on CSS’s hy­phens: au­to rule. I prom­ise that’s im­por­tant. You can’t un­der­es­ti­mate the val­ue of ty­pog­ra­phy…!!!

I al­so added a “back to (one lev­el up)” but­ton on pages past the home­page.

What’s next? I’m prob­a­bly go­ing to get back in the Javascript mind­set by do­ing some work on Slide­VN be­fore I write up the im­age gallery fea­ture. Things are mov­ing pret­ty fast now!


What’s new? The whole web­site, as of the time of this writ­ing! Don’t mind me; I’m just typ­ing out a half-dozen ram­bling sen­tences to check the ty­pog­ra­phy and all that.

There’s still some work to do be­fore this thing counts as “fin­ished.” Get­tin’ the im­age gal­leries port­ed over from drool.city (rest in peace) will take a bit of do­ing; I got­ta code a nice lit­tle gallery fea­ture in JS.